I was born and raised in Los Angeles but had been splitting my time between Brooklyn and LA since 2011… In April 2018 I decided to get rid of most of my things so that I could travel abroad and work remotely.Β  It’s like a vegan version of parts unknown, but there’s no film crew and I don’t get paid for it.Β πŸ™‚

Something I discovered travelling in eastern Europe last summer is that I really love Soviet era brutalist / functionalist/ modern architecture…

I started making generative art bots in 2015 as an excuse to learn Python and it sort of became a hobby.Β  My bots range from really simple to fairly complex but most of them are super ridiculous; you can see the whole list here.

I work as a consultant inΒ IT Systems Engineering / Service Reliability Engineering. I’ve spent a lot of time building and managing virtual infrastructures over the years, most recently, infrastructure geared towards web hosting. I also do general IT consulting for businesses in industries ranging from fashion, manufacturing, finance, and even healthcare.