Lunch Oracle is based on a script I wrote years ago at an office job.Β  We would always have trouble picking someplace new to go for lunch so the script would pick a random place for us from a list.

You can tweet/ dm the bot your location (optionally with a hashtag) and it will respond with a random selection from the FourSquare Places API meeting your search criteria. Results are limited to a citywide area (800 Meters/ 1/2 Mile Radius).

Tweet location can be in the following formats:

  1. zip / postal code ex:Β 90027
  2. Neighborhood Name/ City, State/ Province ex:Β Β Los Feliz
    It can help to add state, province, even country:Β Los Feliz, CA USA
  3. You can also use hashtags to search for specific cuisines, ex:Β Β 90019 #african

Full list of search modifiers:

  • #asian
  • #chinese
  • #falafel
  • #glutenfree
  • #greek
  • #halal
  • #indian
  • #italian
  • #japanese
  • #korean
  • #kosher
  • #mexican
  • #pizza
  • #thai
  • #veg (Vegan / Vegetarian)

Launched: March, 2016

Platform: Twitter

vgan Written by: